Buchan House

Buchan House is what is known as Phase 9.2 and is located in the centre of South Acton, vacant possession of Buchan House is required by all households by Winter 2018. Residents from this building will be moving into Phase 5 between Winter 2017 and Summer 2018. Phase 5 is located on the corner of Bollo Bridge Road and Bollo Lane, further details about this phase can be found at

All residents of Buchan House should have now completed their housing need survey at  If you have any not completed your survey or have any queries about what will happen with your move please contact a member of the regeneration team for support. Leon Joseph is the Regeneration Officer for both tenants and leasheolders of Buchan House and can be contacted on 

All Secure Council Residents who have expressed an interest to move to Phase 5 have now been contacted and know where and when they will be moving, if you are unsure about any details please contact the regeneration team . If you are a resident who wanted to move away from South Acton or remain an Ealing Council tenant please ensure you have completed you have registered on Locata at

For further information about your options and the process please see our updated Leaseholder or Tenants Guide. There is also a further section within this website for leaseholders - We also have frequently asked question booklets which may be of help -'s-booklets.