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Community Board

What is the Community Board?

Acton Gardens Community Board was set up to oversee the strategic management of the regeneration of South Acton. The board is made up of local residents (including tenants and leaseholders) who represent the views of local people and ensure that the regeneration meets the aspiration of residents. . The Board is also made up of representative from local community groups, localcouncilors, Acton Gardens, Catalyst Housing and the London Borough of Ealing.

The purpose of the Board is to:

  • Promote the interests of South Acton residents.
  • Ensure accountability of Acton Gardens developer partnership.
  • Ensure community involvement, including allocation of Community Chest funding and being involved in design meetings.

The Board meets every two months and are consulted on regeneration related issues and provided with updates on the different phases of the regeneration, building design, landscaping housing management and wider community issues. There are regular presentations given by Acton Gardens and external professional and local community groups.

How can I become involved?

By joining the Board, you have an opportunity to have a say about the future of the Acton Gardens regeneration.

If you are interested in joining the Community Board and making a difference to the regeneration of South Acton, please contact Suzanne Keys on skeys1@lqgroup.org.uk.

Join the Board

There 2 ways to become officially involved in the Community Board

Casual Vacancies – if a Board member leaves, new members can be coopted in at the next Board meeting (if they meet the criteria) before the Annual General Meeting. This means that the coopted member will be required to stand down at the next general election and seek re-election.

Election – At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) residents will be invited to stand for election. Residents will be able to serve a term of 3 years before standing down or seeking reelection.

Please see ‘vacancies’ below for current opportunity.

Observe a meeting

Residents are invited to attend and observe Board meetings to get a feel of what we do. All we ask is that you contact Acton Gardens before hand to book a place.

The next Community Board meetings are being held on:

Monday 26 January

  • Monday 26 January
  • Monday 23 March
  • Monday 18 May
  • Monday 27 July
  • Monday 28 September
  • Monday 23 November

Please add dates for March & May’s meeting

Keep Up To Date

Residents are invited to read through previous minutes of Board meetings to see how decisions on the regeneration were made and any present issues.

Minutes will uploaded in the days following the last meeting on to the website within the x section


Acton Gardens will also regularly post any updates on the ‘updates’ tab.

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