Phase 4

Phase 4 is lcoated along Hanbury Road and was finished in Summer 2017 - creating 107 new homes which were designed by the PCKO Architects.The building is made up of three cores which are called Trevillion, Elmond and Larkin Mansion and this phase will also include the creation of the new West Park located next to this site including a new young children’s play area set in a fully landscaped green space. Our exhibition boards showing the designs can be viewed by clicking: Board 1, Board 2, Board 3, Board 4

The concept for the new homes is to provide a ‘villa’s’ feel framing the park surrounding area. All homes will be designed to have dual aspects so everyone living here will have two views of the estate. The planning application was approved in Feburary 2015 and the summary information can be found using this link: Phase 4 Application Summary and relevant documentation can be found using the reference PP/2014/5311 on Ealing's Planning Application Search Portal.