Phase 7.1

The planning application for Phase 7.1 was approved in November 2015. This is the phase that affects the areas of Church Road, Ragley Close and Tefler Close located to the North East of the estate. The proposals will provide 246 new homes, car parking and substantial semi private outdoor amenity spaces together with an upgrade to Avenue Road Park. Hoarding has now been placed around this area where the buildings will be demolished from Autumn 2017.

Two public exhibitions took place to show residents what they can expect the future area to look like. The boards from these events can be found here and here. The planning application was approved in November 2015 and the summary information can be found using this link: Phase 7.1 Application Summary and other relevant documentation can be found using the reference PP/2015/3558 on Ealing's Planning Application Search Portal

Acton Gardens Phase 7.1 Update - Oct 2017

The hoarding installation is now complete for phase 7.1.

Telfer & Church Road: The hard demolition of the building started on the 26th September 2017 and this will be completed in the next 2 weeks. Please be aware that within working hours the concrete crushing will create continuous background noise. 

Working Hours: Site hours are Mon-Fri 8am – 6pm and Sat 8am – 1pm.

Whilst core construction works are not carried out on Sundays, large vehicles may visit the site to off load deliveries outside of working hours. In addition, Ealing Council’s highways department may only allow delivery to take place at the weekends. We will keep you updated if this is to happen.  

Ragley Close: Controlled hard demolition of the building structures using excavators will be commencing on Friday 6th October 2017.

Avenue Road Park: Excavation and preparation work for the new foundations in the park area of the site are on-going, with the intention to have the first piling rig on site in the first week of November to start piled foundations in the area.

Improvements to the Area:

  1. From the 2nd October 2017 Countryside are Installing bulkhead lighting on the hoarding adjacent to Buckland Walk. Once these are installed SSE electricity will make the final connection and we hope to have this completed by the middle of next week.

  2. Pruning trees within the Church Road pathways and surrounding Buckland Walk hoardings to improve the natural light and over shadowing (the trees were trimmed back on Monday 2nd October 2017).

  3. We have now installed two convex mirrors to alleyways which will improve viability for local residents.

    Photographs of convex mirrors and trimmed trees on Church Road pathways:


We appreciate that the works may cause some inconvenience but it is a necessity to enable us to progress with the development. During the works our site will be controlled in a manner that will ensure it is secure and we will give every consideration to residents and the local community. In line with our Considerate Contractor Code, disturbance will be kept to a minimum, and will be as unobtrusive as possible; however some inconvenience will be caused to local people. Once demolition is completed we will update you on our progress and the next stages of the development.

If you have any queries to the above please contact our Community Development/Liaison officer Katherina Faulkner on 07753 915 841.

We thank you in advance for your co-operation and understanding. We shall keep you informed about the progress of our works during the course of the year.

Phase 7.1 Footpath Diversion - The footpath to the north of the An Noor Cultural and Community Centre will be closed as authorised by Ealing Council for construction works to take place to Ragley Close from Wednesday 16 August 2017. 

Construction Update - Nov 17: