Before You Move

What happens before you move?

Whether you are moving to one of the new homes being built at South Acton, or to a home away from the regeneration area, the council will assess your needs and produce a personal housing plan. This will include identifying if you need any items dismantled or re-assembled, need appliances disconnected or reconnected, or require help to pack and unpack.

A couple of months before your move the council will arrange for a home visit from a removals company.  This is to make sure they provide the right amount of boxes and packing materials for your belongings. You can appoint your own removal company if you prefer, but you must obtain three quotes and the cost must be reasonable. Please discuss this with the regeneration team beforehand.

The removal company will assist you with moving home and will contact you beforehand to ensure everything is ready for your moving day. Boxes will be supplied by the removal company ahead of the move so you can begin to pack your belongings.

The council will work with the removals company to book a moving day that is convenient for you and fits in with the timescales of your new landlord. If you cannot pack for yourself and do not have family or friends that can help, the council will arrange for a packing service. You should also contact your phone, Internet and satellite providers two to four weeks before you move home, to arrange to have these services transferred. A member of the South Acton regeneration team is available to help tenants who cannot do this themselves.