Your Building

Here you will find information, time frames and the locations of where you may be moving to in the future.

Please select your building from the below:

Anstey Court                      Bucklands Walk                  Harleyford Manor

Arundel House                   Carisbrooke Court              Jerome Tower

Arlington Court                 Charles Hocking House     Ludlow Court     

Avenue Road                      Cheltenham Place             Osborne Road  

Barrington Court              Church Road                        Pembroke House 

Barwick House                  Clandon Close                     Pevensey Court

Beaumaris Tower             Corfe Tower                         Ragley Close   

Belgrave Close                   Doyle House                        St Margarets Lodge 

Bennett Court                    Frampton Court                 Webb Court 

Bollo Lane                           Glamis Court   

Buchan House                    Harlech Tower