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Acton Gardens 

Eve Mouser Smith ( Keisha Samuels ( are here to listen to your suggestions and to help you with your questions about the regeneration including information about the masterplan (framework of South Acton’s future look), general information about the regeneration process, when and where Ealing Council residents will be moving to (if applicable) and how to become involved.

They can also be contacted on 0300 456 9998 ext: 7330 for Eve or 7325 for Keisha and are both based within the Acton Gardens Office, 81 Enfield Road, Acton, W3 8RB during surgery hours.                                 


L&Q are also located within the Acton Gardens Office and are responsible for the new homes once the residents have moved in. L&Q can help with any tenancy queries or repair issues and can be contacted on 0300 456 9998. The Property Manager for the estate is Shakira Henry or 0300 456 9998.

Ealing Council

Ealing Council has established an estate-based team who are responsible for decanting residents to new homes when blocks are required for demolition, buying-out leaseholders and securing all empty homes. Ealing Council are also responsible for processing all compensation payments to Secure Tenants and leaseholders, and determining your future housing needs.They are based at the 81 Enfield Road, Acton, W3 8RB.        

Ealing Council will remain your landlord until such time as your current home is redeveloped. If you have any repairs or tenancy enquiries you should continue to contact your Housing Officer at the Housing Department as you do now.

Independent Tenancy Advisor

Priority Estates Project (PEP) provides a free and independent advice on the regeneration project at South Acton. The contact for the South Acton Regeneration is Keith Mann (Freephone advice line on: 0800 374 864)

Keith holds a residents’ surgery on the first Tuesday of each month from 2.00pm — 6.00pm at the regeneration office at the Hanbury Road Community Centre. Email Keith via the PEP website here

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